Molding Minds, Moving Hearts

The Rogue, the first volume of my Planets Shaken series, went into print on May 17, 2017. I have been tremendously encouraged with the feedback, the reviews, and the sales.

“The Rogue hits it outta the park!!! Can’t wait for volume 2!” — Amazon customer. 

“Absolutely loved this book … I couldn’t put it down.” — Tim

The Rogue is currently available in Amazon paperback, Kindle, iTunes, Nook, KoboSmashwords, an audio version through Audible, and through IngramSpark.


Do you like fiction that goes beyond entertainment? Do you like to be challenged? If you do, give the Planets Shaken series a try. This compelling story challenges common paradigms on the nature of the universe…the catastrophes of ancient history…and the future of this world.


Readers will enjoy updates on my writing projects as well as observations on books I am reading, gleanings from life experience, rabbit trails on subjects that fascinate me, and grapplings with ultimate questions.  Expect to hear from me once every four to six weeks. 


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