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The day of the Lord is the central theme of the Bible’s prophetic teaching, yet it often receives superficial treatment by prophetic teachers, which is why it is so frequently misunderstood by them.

This work goes straight to the heart of the pre-wrath rapture theory, the location of the day of the Lord, and demonstrates that their location of this pivotal day is unsound. The day of the Lord does not arrive during the seventieth week as they insist. Nor does it arrive at the beginning of the seventieth week as many pretribulationists teach. A thorough analysis of the day of the Lord passages in the Bible demonstrates that the day of the Lord is the day that the Lord Jesus descends from heaven with fiery judgment to remove all the ungodly and all ungodliness from Earth and establish his kingdom. This location is fatal to the pre-wrath rapture. And while this perspective challenges the assumptions of some pretribulationist teachers, it offers not the least threat to the pretribulation rapture itself.

Currently this book is only available in paperback through a Christian publisher.

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A whimsical, yet devastating romp through the errors of the easy-believe gospel in its various forms.

Sam Jones, the well-known, homespun preacher, frequently used humor in his hard-hitting ministry. He once quipped that every one of his jokes was like a nut —- if you cracked it open, you would find meat in it. In this spirit of sanctified humor, this book takes up the “meaty” issue of faithfulness to Christ, to the gospel, and to the Word of God.

Short excerpt — “Winking Grace is a careless, marshmallow-soft, see-no-evil, judging-is-wrong spirit which pretends to be the grace of God and accuses true grace of being legalistic. It says everything is okay when the ship is sinking. … It says those wallowing in the Hog Pen are saved because they did the Faith Form.”

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